Meet our Farm Partners

Growing a community around farm fresh food

Sunnyside Farm

BERG Livestock is a family-owned operation in northwest Tennessee. We pride ourselves on producing livestock that thrive on grass with minimal input. We strive to be excellent stewards of the land and animals that God has entrusted us with.

Pasture-raised eggs are available year-round and subscriptions are available. Hens are rotated through our pastures using a mobile coop and temporary fencing. The hens enjoy a diet of grasses, seeds, insects, worms, and whatever else they find along with supplemental cracked corn. They produce the tastiest eggs you’ll find anywhere with bright orange yolks.

Grass fed lamb is available seasonally in the fall. Lambs are born and raised on pasture, non-implanted, then receive grain-on-grass for the final 45-60 days prior to processing.