2024 Winter CSA Subscriptions
2024 Annual CSA Subscriptions
Shop organic produce weekly in our online store.
Pre-order what you want and pick it up at the contactless Farm Pickup box on Thursdays or Fridays or at the Martin Farmers Market 9a-10a on Saturdays
Shop our online store
Can't join our CSA? Shop organic produce in our online store instead.
Pre-order what you want and pick it up at the contactless Farm Pickup box on Thursdays or Fridays or at the Martin Farmers Market 9a-10a on Saturdays
Shop our online store
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You need a local farmer to grow your food for you.



“Our family really appreciates all the work you guys do to provide great produce at a great price”

“I am so happy to be a member of your CSA, thanks so much !!”

“Thank you so much, for doing what you do. Lettuces look great!. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate y’all. Happy farming!”

“I love the tomatoes, they taste like candy”

“My veggies are beautiful, I can not wait for a wonderful salad today !!!”

Video from NWTN Local Food Network

Meet the Millers of Blackberry Pond Farm !

So much more than a box of vegetables.

On our farm, we don’t just grow great-tasting vegetables. We help reconnect you to the story behind your food. We show you what “real food” tastes like and why knowing your farmer makes your meal more meaningful.

We are on a mission to bring the local farmer back to your kitchen table. Join us as we change the way your family thinks about veggies!


The CSA – a weekly veggie box from your local farmer.

Imagine being a “member” of a farm, and picking up a weekly box of flavorful veggies, freshly harvested by your own personal farmer.

You’re about to explode your taste buds (and make dinner prep really exciting)

Top 10 Reason to subscribe to our CSA

1. Online credit to use in our members only CSA online store during the season.
2. Get items you want and can use, no minimum purchase required. No requirement to take “farmer’s pick” boxes.  Maximum purchase limit of $50/week.
3. Fresh locally grown organic produce harvested on the day of pick up or delivery.
4. Skip weeks anytime you like during the season.
5. First choice of every harvest. Get tomatoes and other coveted items weeks before they go in the public store.
6. A variety of fruits and other items from other local farm partners are offered in every season exclusively to CSA members.
7. Unprecedented access to the farm and farmers for tours, questions and conversation.
8. Weekly newsletter with items available and news of what’s happening on the farm.
9. Private Facebook group
10. First access to all spots in the following CSA season.

What is a CSA farm membership?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a wonderful way for eaters who believe in real, local food “with a farmer’s face on it”. Knowing your farmer makes eating a whole new experience!

What is in the box?

Fully customizable contents. You choose want is in your personalized.

If you like surprises, then allow your farmers to decide what to put in your weekly box.

Want more details? Download our Harvest Calendar to see the box plan.

Season Calendar

Support Local

Know where your food comes from! When you join our CSA membership, you support a real local farm in Martin, TN

Embrace Variety

Our weekly veggie subscription box contains a mix of salad fixings as well as other veggies to make dinner prep fun for the entire family.

Find your tribe

There are other people out there who love veggies and cooking. You can find them in our CSA Membership Community!

Choose your membership level

Choose between our FULL ($20 per week for 3-4 people) share veggie box or our HALF ($10 per week for 1-2 people) share veggie box memberships.


  • 10 week season
  • Fresh organic seasonal veggies each week
  • Fully customizable boxes
  • Skip as many weeks as need, no obligation to get a box every week
  • Access to our private Facebook community for inspiration and recipe sharing
  • First choice of the weekly harvest through our online store
  • Access to your farmer and farm tours
  • Weekly emails
  • Convenient additional pickup locations at Tiny Baker (Union City) or OUTsideIN (Troy)


Shop our CSA Add-on Products

When you join our CSA, you don’t just get access to our gorgeous vegetables. You also get the chance to add on lots of other local-sourced items to your weekly order.

We make it easy to feed your family, all the while supporting other local farms and businesses in Northwest TN. 

 Shop other CSA Products 

We're certified organic

We go thru a lot of extra steps to keep our organic certification each year. Because we care about healthy food and and what we eat.

When you join our farm you’ll  know exactly where your food comes from and that it is grown to the highest standards possible.

We also are GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified.

This means we take great care to minimize the risk of food borne illnesses. 

What does GAP Certification Mean

Download our CSA handbook

Want to know more about our CSA membership work? Download our CSA handbook below. It spells out our policies and procedures so that everyone is on the same row (or page) !

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