We are a family farm located in West TN that specializes in growing fresh and delicious vegetables hydroponically. Our produce includes buttercrunch lettuces, green leafy vegetables, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and other vegetables. We are in production year round and offer a CSA box quarterly. We are USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified. Our production areas are Organic Certified by OnMark Organic Certification with the USDA.



Why we started our farm:

The average American doesn’t know their farmer or how their food is grown. More and more, our culture sees food as something to simply consume – instead of appreciating the people, the taste, the nutrient value, and the hard work that goes into bringing dinner to the table.

We started our farm about 5 years ago in the kitchen windowsill. This was a small hydroponic system to grow herbs and salad greens for Sue’s use in the kitchen. This was successful and we then expanded out to the porch with 3 gallon buckets to grow cucumbers and lettuce. We wanted to eat only the freshest organic veggies and wanted to expand the selection and add the ability to grow during the colder months. Our first “greenhouse” was a learning experience. The extra produce was given away to friends, who wanted to pay and encouraged us to sell at the farmer’s market. As our customer base grew, the additional greenhouses were then built and the selection of veggies expanded to the current offerings.